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Selling a directory website for $10,000 - Damn Good Tools

Selling a website for $10,000

Imagine selling a website you made for $10,000. Pretty great, huh? Well that's exactly what Dmytro did when he sold his directory website of software tools, Damn Good Tools. In the interview he goes through how he made the website, what he did for marketing and how he came to sell it.

Can you tell us what you achieved with Damn Good Tools? 

Thanks for having me on the interview and allowing me to share my learnings with your people ❤️ The project was around 3-4 months old and at the moment of sale, DamnGood.Tools had the following numbers: 

dashboard for Damn Good Tools
  • 42K unique visitors
  • 100K page views
  • the top product of the day on Product Hunt
  • mentioned in popular national and international newsletters like Morning Brew, Ben’s Bites, and others
  • 72 forks and 500+ GitHub stars 
  • made $509.89 in the past few weeks since adding payments 
  • testimonials from the most respected makers in the community and inspiration for other makers

And all that was only the beginning. 

Why did you create Damn Good Tools? 

I wanted to play with AI technologies, but I felt that I was falling behind, I didn't know what to build. So, I started to build simple tools that how the product started. 

How did you monetize the site?

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