Friday, August 19, 2022

$300k ARR for Testimonial

✅ $300k ARR for  testimonial.to1st $100k took 9 months2nd one took 7 months3rd one took 4 monthsI'm still doing it solo while raising 2 little kids. It is hard AF but it's all possible 💪

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Mike Rubini hits $20k MRR

Mike has a number of SaaS businesses that have now reached $20k MRR in total. He's a self-taught developer and former Jazz musician from Italy.

Reached $20k MRR yesterday

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Find what Facebook adverts companies are running

High Signal chat member Phil shared a great tip on checking out what competitors are doing. You can check what ads they are doing on Facebook really easily! This way you can see who they are targeting and what their ad copy is like.

I still find it pretty crazy that you can:1) Go to any company on Facebook2) Click "Page transparency"3) See all the adverts they are runningV useful 😇

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A break down on making a job board

Peter Askew who runs the Ranch Work job board shows how to choose a good niche for your job board. Peter has monetized several niche job sites so he's a must-follow.

How to create a niche job board - on a great domain, as a solo builder - & directly compete with Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, etal (from someone who's done it)(Let's find an actual domain for sale and hypothetically build it out)a brain dump 🧠 🚮:

Another newsletter advert auction

Jakob followed Phil and my example by auctioning off a newsletter advert on Twitter. These always work really well!

I'm sending my newsletter to ~8k entrepreneurs in 5hrs 🚀Who wants an advert at the top of the email?• Bidding starts at $1.• Winner announced at 5pm CET today.• Just reply here with your bid 😊👇

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Watch 30 minutes of my Monetize Your Newsletter course on YouTube

I've put the first 30 mins of my 90 min newsletter course up on YouTube for free!

You can learn the pros and cons of different business models like affiliates, sponsors and paid newsletters and much more.

Or learn how to sell and price adverts and lots more when you buy the full course

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