Friday, August 5, 2022

$500k in 1 year from Notion templates

Thomas Frank shared this impressive feat on Twitter - people are really crazy for Notion!

A new milestone: $500,000 in revenue in one year of selling @NotionHQ templates on @gumroad!Here are 3 new lessons I've learned since I posted my last revenue update:

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Transistor FM turns 4 years old

The successful bootstrapped podcast hosting company run by Justin Jackson and Jon Budda celebrates 4 years of business. The company makes more than $1m in annual revenue and have a very small team. They've tapped into a great market and it's a must-have product if you make a podcast.

LeaveMeAlone hits $6,563 in revenue in July

Here are our #buildinpublic stats for July!💰 $6,563 total revenue!🎉 $2,237 profit💵 $4,084 total MRR (+1.2% ) 😬👩‍💻 372 active subscribers (+3% )💸 -$537 churned revenue🚀 +$51 net MRR change

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Matt Visiwig hits $1500 MRR

Matt makes a cool SaaS, SVG Backgrounds, where you can find nice color backgrounds for your website.

Broke $1500 MRR with my SaaS startup!That's 60% of my target ramen profitability number.As tempting as it is to decline freelance work that makes up the difference, it's been nice to grow my runway after floating by for the last 5 years of self employment.

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Alex West shows the power of pricing higher

My friend Alex demonstrates the benefits of selling to businesses and charging higher prices.

Pricing is the biggest lever you can pull.In 2018 with my $5/mo product, 4 new customers equaled $120/year.In 2020 with my $100/mo product, 4 new customers equaled $5k/year.Today with my $2k/mo product, 4 new customers equal $100k/year.Simple. Go B2B. Raise your prices.

The High Signal community is 1 year old!

My private community for founders with revenue celebrates a year of existence! I always look forward to Thursdays as that's when I get to talk to my founder friends. It's always an interesting mastermind.

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Funny Tweet of the Week

Madison nails the modern JavaScript developer experience

Madison Kanna

everything OK babe? you’ve barely touched the newest JS framework

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