Friday, October 21, 2022

$60k/m from a job board

Job boards are easy to build but notoriously hard to monetize. Japan Devs is an exception!

It makes Eric and his wife $60k/m on average and has a unique business model.

Check out the interview on YouTube I did with Eric yesterday.

As it was a High Signal AMA, members also asked Eric lots of questions as well.

tiiny host hits $80k ARR

After going full time on his startup, Elston has now hit $80k ARR with his tiiny host project.

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Zapier adds forms, databases and version control

Zapier is starting to add in the missing pieces to its software like version control and databases.

Heck, it's even adding drag and drop interfaces.

It's really growing into a great place for no-coders.

$1,127 MRR for job board directory

Rodrigo has made great progress with this list of independent job boards.

I've got to be honest, I thought this would be a flash in a pan project after it went viral on Reddit.

So congrats to Rod for proving me wrong!

$100k run rate for newsletter

Max's marketing newsletter hits $100k run rate. This is a great demonstration of the power of building a business based on a newsletter! I actually have courses on Growing and Monetizing newsletters.

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Replit helping people code on phones

Replit has introduced an app for learning to code on your phone.

They've been showing it to kids in South Africa and it's exciting to think the barriers to coding are coming down in places where there isn't reliable internet. You can make anything from websites to python bots. There is even AI ghost writing features for writing code.

No-code newsletter makes $1,450 in ad revenue

I was pretty intrigued to see this newsletter, No-Code Exits.

Katt is doing a great job of monetizing this with only 1,270 subscribers.

Proof you don't need a crazy amount of subs to start running ads 💰


That's all folks!

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