Friday, June 17, 2022

Bannerbear hits $40k MRR 💰

Jon Yongfook's Bannerbear business has hit $40k MRR for the first time. He spent time doing 12 projects in 12 months but stopped when he hit product market fit with Bannerbear.

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He also shared 5 technical mistakes he has made since launching the business.

NoCodeAPI acquired for six figures 💸

A big congratulations to Mohd Danish on selling his NoCodeAPI business for six figures after 2.5 years.

Internet Explorer support ends and developers rejoice 🥳

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A bootstrapper find their book in a store 📚

Tiago Forte shared a lovely video of him and his son walking into a book store and finding a paper copy of his book, Building a Second Brain.

My reaction seeing my book in a store for the first time

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Ending gmail support improves signups 📨

Bootstrapper Monica Lent mistakenly stopped accepting signups for her SaaS with gmail addresses. After realising the quality of sign ups improved, she kept the change. Worth considering if you have a SaaS - business owners with a gmail address are probably just starting out and may be less professional and more demanding in their behaviour.

Podcast of the Week 🎙

The IndieHackers podcast invited two big name guests, Sahil Lavingia and Justin Jackson, to debate topics like Elon Musk, freedom of speech, the possible acquisition of Twitter and what makes a good role model.

Funny Tweet of the Week 😂

Airtable pulled an amazing marketing stunt

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