Friday, May 13, 2022

Better Sheets hits $100k revenue

Andrew Kamphey's guide to Google Sheets, Better Sheets, has reached $100k after two years. With 40% of the world's internet using either Google Sheets or Excel, this is a great market to be in! Andrew is also a member of my High Signal community so you can chat to him every week if you try it out for free

Buffer raises salaries 6%

In a world of high inflation, it's nice to see a bootstrapped startup increase salaries. Buffer is radically transparent and always shares salaries in job posts, which is nice.

Baremetrics doubles revenue after sale

Baremetrics, a revenue dashboard SaaS ran into a huge amount of controversy after it's sale by Josh Pigford to a private equity firm. The new company made a change whereby users have to phone up to cancel their subscription. Right or wrong, the tactic has doubled revenue for Baremetrics in one year.

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Podcast SaaS Listnr hits $600k in revenue

Anan Batra annnounced the milestone on Twitter. With market leaders like Transistor FM paving the way for bootstrapped startups in the podcast space, it's clear there's a lot of opportunity here.

Flurry adds $50k in GMV

The platform that allows creators to keep 99% of their sales revenue has reached $50k in gross merchandise value. Flurry is an indie startup competing with the likes of Gumroad and Podia.

Podcast of the Week

The second podcast of the new format from IndieHackers came out on Wednesday. Courtland and Channing Allen interviewed their mother about how she became an entrepreneur, learned sales and her approach to parenting. It was a lovely episode as we learned more about the brothers' background. Plus, their mother discussed flipping IT equipment she bought for $150 for $900! She also talked about the idea of working throughout life and not retiring.

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