Friday, July 1, 2022

Coding Phase makes $1m over 5 years

The coding education website, which is totally bootstrapped and teaches a range of technologies from PHP to React, has hit the $1m mark. Congrats!

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Startup wisdom from Justin Jackson

The founder of Transistor FM reminds us to tackle problems which have clear demand for a solution. A lot of startups fail because they are solutions made by engineers without any demand from the market.

It’s incredibly difficult to convince people to want something (especially at scale).This is why startups need to tap into a pre-existing desire.We can’t create the hunger, but we can feed hungry customers.

Maker hits $75k on Gumroad

I was impressed by Sachin's recent product, Parity Deals, which automatically calculates parity prices for your website. Nice work!

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Wholesome vibes from High Signal member Ana 😎

It's not always about impressive revenue 😁

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French SaaS founder adds $591 MRR in June

He's a stay-at-home dad who works on his SaaS while looking after his kids. In 3 months he has gone from making the same as he would get from welfare to making minimum wage in France. Onwards and upwards!

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