Friday, July 8, 2022

ConvertKit founder shares pricing tips

Nathan Barry talks up the benefit of having multiple prices/versions for a product.

Offering different versions of a product is a great way to boost sales as customers can compare value. A famous example of this that Dan Ariely points to is restaurant wine lists that have a very expensive bottle as an outlier which makes the rest of the wine look better value by comparison.

Check out this thread for more:

Ness Labs has an awesome social share image

I was really struck by how great this image for their newsletter link looks on Twitter.

It's clear that a lot of time and thought has gone into making an image that will convert and not just a generic image used for the rest of the website. ​ hits $5k MRR

London founder Baretto has hit $5k MRR with his side project, which lets you share and host sites easily,

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Video or Gif

Tuple co-founder warns against selling to devs

A lot of devs would prefer to build a product than save time and buy one, as seen in this tweet

Pat Walls shares a great conversion tip

The founder of Starter Story, which makes upwards of $50k/m, breaks down how to convert more organic traffic by making better meta titles.

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Podcast of the Week

I interviewed Alex West on growing his leads business to $300k on the High Signal podcast. We dived into making a profitable boring business vs a cool one that makes no money, Alex's nomad lifestyle, his approach to competition and loads more!

As always, High Signal community members were able to ask this excellent founder questions on the call.

Listen here

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