Friday, October 14, 2022

Copy AI hits $10m ARR

The goldrush for AI products continues with Copy AI hitting $10m in annual revenue

Podcast SaaS up for sale

My friend James is selling a profitable micro SaaS, RateMyPodcast on MicroAcquire.

It provides an easy way to gather feedback from listeners.

It's probably worth it for the domain alone!

Looking to take over a small, profitable indie SaaS app? I just listed for sale on MicroAcquire!…

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Founder benefits from focus

Look at that graph! In most cases it's best to focus on one business instead of a portfolio of tiny bets.

This UK founder got growing when he chose one thing:

If I could go back in time, I'd have gone all in on one project earlier rather than building many small bets.I'm convinced the only reason that SaaS has started picking up steam is because I'm giving it the attention it needs to grow.

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ChurnKey founder offers to help people bidding on his brand

Nice response from Nick.

Most people would get annoyed rather than offer help:

3 companies are piggybacking on our brand name.Google is pushing us below the fold. It's basically a ransom for our own brand.You know who you are. DM me if you'd rather invest in your product than throw money away to Google.

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Indie founder hits 4k MRR by adding subscriptions

Congrats to Florian for making the switch from one-off payments.

People say they hate subscriptions but realistically it's really hard to build a business from one-time payments

It also aligns incentives well.

I finally reached €4k MRR. 🥳I switched my apps to subscriptions 2 years ago. Before, I usually made around €1k a month (paid upfront).Now they pay my bills, and I can focus 100% on growing them even further. 🤗#buildinpublic

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SEO keyword tip

A great tip from this indie hacker: find keywords where the top results are forum posts and then write an article

I've done this!

Forums are a goldmine for finding low competition keywords.User generated content is generally easy to beat.Most forums display the "views" count for each thread. Which gives you proof that the thread is getting traffic.

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Tom from TweetHunter inspires students

Tom is the co-founder of TweetHunter which is doing $1m+ in annual revenue.

(He's also a member of the High Signal community)

Tom visited his old university to speak to people doing the same Entrepreneurship course that he did.

Just met with students taking the same @ESCP_bs @ESCP_MSIE degree as I did 8 years ago. Great energy, great moment! And great future entrepreneurs.

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Funny Tweet of the Week

Why do y’all @ mention your last 6 jobs in your bio, linking to them?That’s like buying paid ads for your exes.

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