Friday, October 7, 2022

Embarque hits $62k MRR

London-based founder Julian Canlas runs Embarque, an SEO agency, which had a hard summer with churning customers.

After making some hiring changes, Embarque has just hit a new high of $62k MRR though so well done!

After experiencing the horrendous summer slowdown, Sep 2022 ended up being one of our best-performing months ever 🥳.A bad hire that really screwed up our growth (traumatic), but it finally feels like we're back on the upswing 🤠.

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Google makes a Calendly-killing feature

Google is making moves to let you schedule meetings from people outside of your contacts.

Should Calendly be worried?

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Adding $3-5k MRR every month

Anan's podcast SaaS is going great guns!

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Countdown app funds couple's lifestyle

Liz and Lukas Hermann make Stagetimer, a remote-controlled countdown app for events.

It's now paying all their bills as they prepare to go nomading.

Love to see it!

Stripe lets you use "buy now, pay later"

Chris Frantz from Loops pointed this feature out.

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DataFetcher hits $12k MRR

Another UK founder here, Andy's SaaS lets you connect Airtable with any API.

Congrats on $12k MRR!

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I interviewed Amar from ZenMaid

Amar runs a $1.8m ARR SaaS for maid service owners.

We did an AMA with High Signal community members and they asked great questions like:

• how to know when to change strategy

• how to convert free users to paid

• how to choose the best marketing channel

• how Amar would grow similar SaaS in another sector, such as yoga studios

You can view it on YouTube

Amar is actually giving away a free seat on a Business Class flight from SF to Bangkok next Wednesday! (His wife can't make it)

Funny Tweet of the Week

A great time for British founders to be charging in USD!

At the beginning of this year, I set myself the goal of earning £10,000 per month MRR.I’m delighted to announce that I’m significantly closer to this milestone now GBP is through the floor!


A reminder - High Signal has an active and fun-packed community to help you make better decisions and have more fun

The price is going up from $39/m to $49/m next Friday so join now to beat the price increase!

I've also been ramping up my ghost tweeting business recently - I just signed another two clients on Wednesday so I'm going to focus on my current pool of people and not take on anyone new for a couple of weeks. Exciting times!

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