Friday, November 11, 2022

Hey, I run a newsletter for indie startups. Here's the best stories this week:

Hostifi hits $2m ARR

Reilly Chase has hit some big numbers over the last few years and has now reached $2m ARR.

He took some "indie VC" money from Calm Capital (formerly Earnest Capital)

Interestingly enough, Calm Capital founder Tyler Tringas made a thread about how their deal worked out for Reilly vs how a conventional VC deal would have done.

A guide to posting on Twitter and Mastodon

Some techies are moving to Mastodon.

No, I don't think the average person will in a million years.

But if you want to have a Mastodon and a Twitter account, this thread is very handy

Moonbeam reaches $5k MRR

Another AI writing tool success story!

105% growth in one month is crazy.

Average developer salaries in Europe mapped out

This guy made a map of developer salaries in Europe.

Yes Americans, these figures are accurate.

No wonder so many European devs are indie hackers!

Free programmatic SEO course launched

Allison Seboldt has been busy promoting this programmatic SEO course for a while now.

It's free via Gumroad so why not check it out?

SEO is a game changer.

I made a list of 16 bootstrappers to follow on Twitter

Check out my thread for more interesting founders to follow

Following the right people means a better feed for you

Plus, it makes it more likely your tweets will be read by the right people.

Read the news TechCrunch ignores

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