Friday, July 29, 2022

$60k in July for Japan Dev job board

A crazy high revenue number for this maker couple's business.

Job boards are a dime a dozen so it's nice to see one take off!

Companies pay when they hire someone so I guess there is a nice referral fee there for the founder:

Japan Dev is a hyper-niche, bootstrapped business.It has no employees — just my wife and me.It's earned $60,590 so far this month.( ¥8.28 million yen )

$100k ARR in 18 months

Jacky Tan's businesses, API Template and CraftMyPDF just hit $100k ARR. An awesome achievement after only 18 months!

Today we hit 100K ARR!!🥳🥳🥳I started with 1 SaaS and had 0 MRR. It took 1.5 years and today we finally reached that magic number 🤩It's just a beginning and let's see where that gets us 😀😀😀

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BetterSheets hits $10k in July

High Signal member Andrew Kamphey has reached the awesome milestone of $10k revenue in one month! Andrew recently left a job and focused 100% on Better Sheets, where he teaches you how to use Google Sheets properly. Here's the power of focusing on one thing!

All Facts, No Brags$10k Revenue in July 2022 for @BetterSheets↳$8,667 in LTD memberships via AppSumo↳$410 in products via Appsumo↳$587 in products via Gumroad↳$499 in consulting via Stripe

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Stridist hits $32k MRR

Sukh Sidku has a SaaS for fitness professionals which he acquired last year when the business was only making $700 MRR. It's now making $32k a month!

Exactly 100 days ago I launched Stridist - a saas platform for fitness and nutrition professionalsToday it's doing $32k mrrHere's the story..

ConvertKit founder thread on Glossier

Nathan Barry shared a cool thread on how a fashion journalist in 2010 was able to start a business with a simple blog and a camera and turn that into a $1.2 bn beauty business.

A Vogue fashion assistant bought a camera, domain, and launched a billion dollar brand.Here’s the story (and why it’s not as rare as you’d think):

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