Friday, August 12, 2022

Job board goes viral on LinkedIn

Phil's post about his 4dayWeek job board got 1.5 million impressions.

Last week was crazy...Apart from attending 2 weddings in 2 days (with a 6 month baby 😅)I went viral on Linkedin 🤯· 1.5M post impressions· 17k reactionsWhich translated into:· 1.5k newsletter signups

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Allison Seboldt hits $2,157/m from indie projects

This founder's portfolio of startups includes a new programmatic SEO service, PageFactory, which has lots of potential!

I made $2,157 from indie projects last month!🚀 PageFactory (new!) - $1,449🇺🇸 Fantasy Congress - $701🪴 niche site - $6Check out all the in depth details in my July retrospective:

Mailchimp CEO steps down

After the $10bn sale of Mailchimp, the CEO and co-founder Ben Chestnut is leaving the company.

After 21 years as Mailchimp’s Co-founder and CEO, I’m stepping down as CEO and moving into a founder-advisor role. Rania Succar, who leads the QuickBooks Money team, will be Mailchimp’s new CEO. Welcome, Rania, and thanks to Mailchimp’s peeps for two amazing decades as your CEO.

Time taken to $5k MRR in one chart

A Twitter user made a cool inforgraphic on how long it has taken different founders to get to $5k MRR.

Solo developers reaching $5,000 MRR

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Ryane hits £773 MRR (almost $1k)

Ryane's personalized video product looks really cool - it's priced nice and high so it doesn't require many customers which is smart

aaannnddd that's £722 MRR🤝sending personalised videos is literally the highest roi move you can make to improve your emails/linkedin DMsand now you can automate it and send thousands of people 'personalised' video messages

I'm living it up in Las Palmas!

I reviewed Las Palmas in the Canary Islands as a location for digital nomads.

It's got year-round sun, an easy language to learn (Spanish) and lots of nomad social events!

You can read my write-up here

Funny tweet of the week

Another roast of JavaScript devs

twitter tech guru: 68 + 1 resources to learn JAVASCRIPT and make 1M a YEARpsychiatrist: Is he always like this?wife: He won't stop. I don't know what to do.* baby cries in the background *


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