Friday, June 10, 2022

Kyle Gawley makes $15,720 in one week

Kyle has been on a great run recently with his Gravity business selling SaaS boilerplates in React. He's now released a course on how to make your own SaaS and made almost $16k in one week!

I think this is a great play as most founders can do the math(s) and work out it's worth the investment learning how to make a software business. This means Kyle can price it higher than an ordinary consumer product. I recently interviewed Kyle on the High Signal podcast.

Data Fetcher hits $100k ARR

Andy Cloke messaged to tell me he reached this awesome milestone - I'm always happy to receive news tips like this! Data Fetcher is a way to get lots of different APIs to work in Airtable. $100k ARR in less than 2 years is a cool achievement!

$100k ARR chart

Podia announce a free plan for creators

Podia is a website for selling digital products. Founder and CEO Stephen Fry outlines his thinking in this Twitter thread on why they are making the switch to freemium. The ability to host a paid community on this plan looks especially good.

TweetHunter announces Maker Grant winners

To celebrate getting to $1m, TweetHunter made a contest where they would award no-strings money to makers on Twitter.

They've now announced the winners.


Profitwell shares info on equity

The founder Patrick made a really interesting Twitter thread on how Profitwell chose to approach equity. They didn't want the co-founders to keep everything. So they worked out their own system based on "progressive equity".

Here's a single Tweet from the thread which sums it up

Podcast of the Week

Another mention for Profitwell here. I listened to an interview by Justin Jackson on the Build You SaaS podcast where he talked to Patrick Campbell about the sale. They went into a lot of interesting topics like choosing the right market for your startup, plans Patrick has now he has sold to Paddle and what it is like to make a $200m exit when you don't come from a well-off background.

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