Friday, September 9, 2022

LeaveMeAlone makes $8.6k in August

The privacy-focused unsubscibe tool had a great month while its founders, Dani and James worked from their boat. If they can repeat that every month they'd make $100k a year!

A bit late but here are our #buildinpublic stats for August!💰 $8,602 total revenue!🎉 $5,238 profit💵 $4,442 MRR (+9%)💸 -$534 churned revenue🚀 +$358 net MRR change

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Notion HelpKit hits $4k MRR

Founders love Notion! It seems like there are lots of indie founders making products for the Notion eco-system, including Dominik whose HelpKit SaaS hits the $4k MRR milestone in 13 months.

HelpKit, my Notion-2-Help Center SaaS, hit $4000 in MRR! 🎉 🤯After a rough summer hole of stagnation and some churn, @HelpkitHQ is growing healthily again 🚀📅 13 months💰 $52.104 ARR👫 155 customers📝 6857 hosted help articles❤️‍🔥 A lot of sweat, tears and passion

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Fix your video setup

Check out this viral thread on the best tips for making videos seem professional

8 Things Your Video Setup Says About You... and how to fix themIn 100 milliseconds, people decide if they like & trust you.How you look on camera says everything.

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Word your newsletter ad carefully

Use something like "supported by/brought to you" to avoid your email going to Gmail spam folder

My open rate tanked when I first introduced ads in my newsletter.Maybe gmail checks if an email contains the word “Sponsored by” and then puts it in the promotion folder?I changed “Sponsored by” to “Brought to you by” and the open rate is back up to its original level.

Paul Graham talks determination vs smarts

Wisdom from the founder of YC on the power of grit and habit over raw intelligence.

Paul Graham on why determination is more important than intelligence if you want to get rich:

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Funny Tweet of the Week

The governor has declared a state of emergency and asked all Californians to not run `npm install` between 4 PM and 9 PM today in an effort to save energy.


I welcomed a new member to the High Signal community this week.

Entrepreneurship is lots more fun with a proper community having your back!

So grab a free week-long demo and have a better week

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