Friday, June 3, 2022

Plausible makes $1m ARR

The privacy-based analytics SaaS has hit a major milestone with $1m ARR. Congrats to Marko and the Plausible team! Especially with the new Google Analytics update, a lot of founders want to have a simpler analytics platform which respect privacy more.

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Testimonial hits $20k MRR

Damon's Testimonial SaaS continues to make great strides. It's a way for businesses to show text or video reviews from customers. Social proof works when making decisions. Congrats as well to Damon for his new baby!

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Job Board Search makes $1,316.18 in May

Rodrigo went viral in April with a directory website showing different niche job boards. He's impressively managed to monetize this by getting job board owners to pay to be featured at the top of the list. Smart.

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Twitter is removing the location tab used for MRR charts

Bad news for entrepreneurs! It looks like we are about to lose the location feature in our profiles and with it the ubiquitous MRR charts that are so popular with founders.

Notion Forms hits $9259/m revenue

Julien is closing in on the $10k/m milestone with his no-code form builder for Notion users. A huge 16% increase in May!

Instatus makes $7k MRR

Ali's status page startup Instatus increases revenue to $7,000 in May.

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Podcast of the Week

A fantastic interview with Chris Frantz on Indie Bites where he strongly advises against running multiple projects. His main reasoning is most successful founders focus on one product and that running multiple businesses splits your time and attention too much. He convinces the host James McInven to focus on one business by the end of the episode.

Funny of the Week

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