Friday, May 20, 2022

Remote job board hits €1m revenue

Remotive, one of the first bootstrapped remote job boards, has reached the excellent milestone of $1m revenue. Congralutions to Rodolphe!

LeaveMeAlone founders buy their dream boat

While lots of founders dream of buying a Lambo, LeaveMeAlone founders Danielle and James have long wanted to buy a sailing boat to live on. Well, this week they acheived their dream and bought their boat! All about the HMS LeaveMeAlone ⚓️


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Dan Rowden hits $100k ARR

Dan is taking the 'tiny bets' approach and has several products making money including Ilo Analytics for Twitter, Ghost themes, a Ghost comments app and a new Twitter course. He's now hit $100k ARR which is a great achievement, especially with so many products to manage.

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Digital Ocean raise prices

The 1GB droplet now costs $6 instead of $5 a month, a 20% increase.

The 2GB droplet costs $12, the 3GB costs $18 and so on.

Maybe they are taking advantage of people deserting Heroku...

Ethical AI assistant hits $400 MRR

Gladys is an AI like Google Home but one which protects your privacy.

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NoCode site acquired

NoCode.Tech has been acquired by Stacker! 🥳  

Podcast of the Week

I interviewed Julian from Embarque about hitting $500k ARR with his SEO content marketing agency. Once a month the High Signal community hosts a guest speaker on Zoom and after a few questions from me to warm things up, the community members can ask the guests questions directly. Pretty neat, huh?

Julian talked about common SEO mistakes, why unlimited agencies fail and why AI won't succeed. Listen here

Funny of the Week

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