Friday, November 25, 2022 acquired for $72m

The bootstrapped UK company announced a huge deal had been this week!

The company lets businesses add testimonials to their site.

Social proof is big business.

Black Friday deals for indie founders

I've put together some of the best deals for entrepreneurs in a blog post.

Some no-brainers include Carrd Pro at 50%, Roost laptop stands for 30% (I use them for better posture) and lots of courses have heavy discounts too.

Read the blog post

Machine Learning job board sells for $10k

Dominic sold his job board for Machine Learning work this week on MicroAcquire.

He made it in Django and had automated it from the start so that's a great pay day!

Founder sells a Bubble app in 3 days

I'm still on the fence about Bubble but it's cool to see a founder sell an app to his university in just 3 days!

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Mastodon privacy downsides

I've decided not to join after finding out Mastodon server admins can read private message as they are stored in plain text.

Yes, this is also possible on Twitter but it's far more likely on a server with a few hundred or thousand members vs 400 million Twitter accounts.

Starter Story gets 1 million views from Instagram reel

Pat is having a lot of success with reels on Instagram.

If you look at his earlier posts with images the likes are anything from 10- 30, typically.

As soon as he started making videos, the likes are suddenly into the thousands.

Maybe you should be considering video content?

Funny Tweet of the Week

the end of twitter is taking forever did tolkien write this

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