Friday, August 26, 2022

Scraping Bee founders make $2m

Pierre and Kevin have been working online together for 5 years

Their biggest success has been the Scraping Bee product for importing data

They've now hit the incredible milestone of $2m in total revenue!​

Heroku ends free plan

Heroku, the extremely popular Platform as a Service, which took away so much dev ops work from developers around the world is ending it's free tier.

Heroku no longer offering a free plan is an extremely disappointing move. I have so many clients with basic apps deployed to Heroku who now will have to begin paying, so that's going to be a fun discussion.

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$10k from TikTok

Alex Friedmann lays down tips on how you can monetize on TikTok and how to make content people like

I’ve grown a 72k+ following on TikTok, generate ~$10k a month in side income, and work with some of my favorite brands all in roughly 6 months of posting.Here are the 5 things I would recommend every person getting started creating content (for personal or startup) to do👇🏻

Mailchimp reduces free plan to 500 subscribers

The company, which was acquired by Intuit last year, will reduce the free plan from 2,000 subs down to 500.

It should be noted that ConvertKit offers 1,000 spots on it's free plan still and EmailOctopus offers 2,500

PSA: From Monday, @Mailchimp will be reducing the size of their free plan to only 500 subscribers and 2,000 emails p/m.At @EmailOctopus we're proud to offer an industry leading free plan, for everyone getting started in email. With 2,500 contacts and 10,000 emails p/m.

Andy Cloke hits $10k MRR

The British founder has reached $10k MRR with his DataFetcher app.

Just hit $10k MRR for @data_fetcher! 🚀🚀🚀📅 21 months🤑 276 customers⏩ 5,986,736 API requests☕ 1953 cups of coffee

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