Friday, June 24, 2022

ScrapingBee hits $1.5m ARR 💰

Great work from this bootstrapped 3 person team! This is after only 3 years in business as well.

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Olly makes $100k roasting websites 🌶

This UK founder has now made over $100k by delivering video reviews to SaaS founders. Olly has a no-nonsense approach to reviewing websites and his years of experience mean he can charge top dollar for making landing page improvement recommendations. A very smart biz!

This couple are shipping from a boat ⚓️

Danielle from LeaveMeAlone shared a video of her and her partner's experience living on a boat they bought in South East Asia. They are now living on the boat full-time and taking the digital nomad dream to new heights! It's also a great way to avoid meetings.

Working on @LeaveMeAloneApp at anchor ⛵👩‍💻⚓

Hubspot CEO gifts Sam Parr a domain for his copywriting course 🎁

Since selling The Hustle to Hubspot, Sam Parr has released a copywriting course, Copy That. The closest domain he could get was But it was Sam's brithday recently so his new boss, the founder of Hubspot, stepped in and gifted him a better domain. Since the generous gift, the now redirects to Sam's original domain for his course.

Hey @thesamparr,Happy Belated Birthday!I have a belated birthday gift for you.Visit:  copythat.comA great project deserves a great domain.Cheers.

EmailOctopus COO shares a nightmare customer 😱

It's always the cheapest customers that give you the most grief.

$40,000 customer – 1 support ticket over the last 12 months.Free user – 50+ support tickets in the last 30 days.The revenue you make from a customer ≠ their overhead. #SaaS

Podcast of the Week 🎧

Lynne Tye gives an update on how her successful business KeyValues, which shows the best companies to work for based on things like work-life balance, has been going since Covid on the Develop Yourself podcast

Funny Tweet of the Week 😂

High Signal member Val gave customers the option to set a background image for his online gift cards.

I gotta be honest - when I let people create their own backgrounds for Thankbox I didn't quite expect this...

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