Friday, May 27, 2022

TweetHunter hits $1m ARR 💰

The Twitter scheduling tool has hit $1m in revenue after only one year! Yes, you read that right - they launched in May 2021. Incredible stuff. Co-founder Tibo has announced some Maker grants to help people grow as well which is a great way to give back ❤️

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I'm lucky enough to have co-founder Tom in the High Signal community so I get the inside scoop on TweetHunter every week but I managed to keep this milestone a secret!

Profitwell sells for $200m 💸

An eye-catching announcement that the SaaS metrics tool has been acquired by Paddle, a payments processor and UK-based competitor to Stripe. What's more interesting is that while rival company Baremetrics sold for $4m in November 2020, Profitwell sold for $200m - 50 times more!

Josh Pigford, the founder of Baremetrics, was graceful enough to write a thread on why he thinks this was, namely that Baremetrics was stuck in 'side project' mode for too long and being tied too closely to Stripe hurt them. Profitwell were able to integrate with other payment processors and sell for 50x more even though they launched after Baremetrics.

Justin Jackson asks "Why are you doing this?" 🤔

The co-founder of Transistor FM, which makes over a million dollars in annual revenue, wrote a great article on the motivations of starting a business:

"Allow yourself to be selfish. Ask yourself: what do I want to get out of this experience?"

LeaveMeAlone went viral on TikTok 👀

A productivity TikToker randomly made a video about LeaveMeAlong, a privacy-based email unsubscription tool. The result? Over 250,000 views in a day and tonnes of new revenue for Dani and James 💰

4 Day Week hits 20,000 email subscribers 📈

Phil from 4 day week, who is also a member of the High SIgnal community, reaches an impressive milestone of 20,000 newsletter subscribers. Going viral on TikTok certainly helped!

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Hitting $10k in a month with a marketing job board 💸

Dave Gerhardt shared his success with his niche job board for B2B marketers. Impressive stuff!

Podcast of the Week

A great throwback episode on the My First Million podcast. Shaan Puri did a deep dive into the frameworks he uses to be successful. I particularly enjoyed his tip to stop being overwhelmed by todo lists - have one big item per day that will make the most impact.

Do that instead of feeling bad about not ticking off lots of tasks.

Funny of the Week

if web2 landing pages were like web3 startups

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