Friday, September 2, 2022

WeStrive hits $30k GMV after going B2B

Founder Cory McKane makes a SaaS for fitness trainers used to be on "endless phone calls with trainers to get them on a $17/m plan". Luckily he switched his WeStrive startup to B2B and now sells software to gyms. Cue his latest revenue of $30k MRR in August!

Sorry guys I'm not gonna stop tweeting about enterprise lmaoI used to be on like hour-long calls to close a trainer and they would start paying... $17/monthJust got off the call with a 5-location gym that will easily pay us $2k/monthWe found product market fit babyyyyy

Dan Kulkov hits $11k in indie revenue in 3 months

Dan shared a thread on his tips such as launching a lot, spending time on marketing and having different price points for different budgets.

3 months ago was my first day as Indie Entrepreneur.Yesterday MakerBox crossed $11 000 in total revenue 🔥Here are 10 actionable learnings from this journey.Save this thread if you plan to launch content products 🧵

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12 marketing channels in 12 months

Instead of the familiar thing of making a new product every month, Andrew Kamphey is experimenting with a different marketing channel instead. This is really smart as he is focused on one thing that has traction and he can just see what marketing works best now. Andrew is also a member and regular attendee of our High Signal chats on Zoom

My version of "12 Startups in 12 Months" is "12 Marketing Channels in 12 Months"May: TwitterJune: YouTubeJuly: SEOAugust: FB Ads...September is Yet to be decided.

Tweak how Stripe calculates MRR

James from LeaveMeAlone shared this Stripe update for SaaS founders

✨ PSA: you can now configure @stripe's metrics to change how they calculate MRR and churn 📈

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Funny Tweet of the Week

I see launching on Reddit is as fun as ever:

Me: I have a really cool idea I think can help a lot of people. I should share and build it, why not!Reddit:

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