Friday, July 15, 2022

WishTender makes $14k/m PROFIT after 1 year

Wish lists are big business. They let influencers accept gifts from fans. But a lot of these sites aren't sex worker friendly. So Dashielle learned to code and co-founded WishTender with her partner. They are doing $14k/m profit and $1m gross merchandise volume after just a year.

Read her interview on No CS Degree

SendAFriend hits $16m after 4 years

The website which lets you send animal care packages hit a really impressive revenue milestone.

Mat's Shopify apps hit $30k MRR

Mat shows the benefits of building in an existing ecosystem. There are approximately 4 million Shopify stores now so that's a lot of potential customers. See his tweet

Webflow trials WebP images

It looks like Webflow is set to introduce the ability to add WebP images to websites. These are images that have tiny file sizes. This means faster website and better SEO. See this user's tweet for details​

Phil from 4dayweek runs a newsletter ad auction

A smart way to sell anything is by auction - people get caught up in excitement and FOMO. I've seen (and copied) Phil's technique of auctioning newsletter ad sales on Twitter. For best results, I recommend having the auction end the same day so there is more urgency to make a bid.

​High Signal isn’t just a newsletter - it’s also a community of like-minded founders - people like Phil from 4dayweek and Dash from WishTender are in the group 😎

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