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EmailOctopus COO shares growth tips

Thomas Evans is the COO and a co-founder of EmailOctopus, a bootstrapped email marketing company which makes over $1m in revenue.

Members of the High Signal community and I asked Tom questions about growing EmailOctopus to a 7 figure business.

00:00 Intro from Pete about Tom and EmailOctopus

00:41 Pete: Should indie hackers compete on price?

06:05 Pete: How would you grow EmailOctopus if you were starting today?

11:18 Val: Why is pricing based on users and not usage?

15:48 Tom: What is the next big feature email marketing companies will add?

19:49 Andrew: What's something you've struggled to overcome / not overcome?

26:34 Karim: What's the secret to the longevity of EmailOctopus?

30:26 Pete: Do you have advice for SaaS companies on how to work with influencers?

34:44 Tom talks about free mentoring he does with founders

37:26 Outro

Forthcoming AMAs are with Alex West of CyberLeads and Kyle Gawley of Gravity. Past guests included Arvid Kahl and Alex from Veed.

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