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The best no-code newsletters for founders to read

The best no-code newsletters

Want to find the best no-code newsletters for learning about what you can build without coding? You came to the right place!

No-code has been taking the world by storm in the last few years. You no longer need to code to make websites or apps. You can make anything from a job board like Indeed with Webflow to a dating app like Tinder with Bubble, all without writing a line of code. Here are some newsletters to help you stay clued up on developments in the no-code space:


This is a great newsletter for learning more about the no-code tool Bubble. The founder of the newsletter runs his own no-code apps so you know that his advice is coming from his own direct experience.

NoCode Exits

Katt sends a great newsletter packed full of stories of no-code founders who have sold their no-code apps and websites.

Not Code Ideas newsletter

James runs through profitable ideas that you can build with apps like Bubble instead of writing code. For example, he did a great write-up about language learning clubs like Deutsch Gym and French Together and how to replicate them.

Apart from these, you can also catch up on cool developments in the no-code space by checking out the High Signal newsletter! I often feature founders who have built or sold no-code tools.

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